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Starz CEO Chris Albrecht has concerns about AT&T’s deal to buy Time Warner

Starz may face some stiffer competition because of the potential deal.

Asa Mathat

AT&T wants to buy Time Warner — which means that some media allies may soon become media competitors.

At least that’s the case with Starz, the cable network that relies heavily on AT&T for distribution but also competes with Time Warner-owned HBO.

“There are some concerns that we have over there with [AT&T’s] intended purchase of Time Warner,” said Chris Albrecht, Starz CEO, at the Code Media conference at the Ritz-Carlton in Dana Point, Calif. “[AT&T is] our largest customer; they might end up also becoming our largest competitor.”

“It’s too early to tell,” Albrecht added.

The deal is still pending regulatory approval, but Albrecht — and the rest of the media world — will be impacted if and when it goes through.

Watch his full interview below.

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