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Google has cut two anti-Semitic websites from its ads platform

Google wouldn’t comment on any action against individual sites, but said it takes hate speech seriously.

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Google has removed American Free Press, a website known for posting anti-Semitic content, from one of its ad-selling platforms.

Another anti-Semitic site, Counter Currents, has also been cut off AdSense by Google, according to Media Matters.

Google said it does not comment on action against specific sites, but added, “we take hate speech very seriously,” and sites found to be promoting hate speech “won't be able to monetize with Google ads until they are back in good standing.”

Google has come under fire for allowing sites disseminating hate speech and false content to monetize using the company’s AdSense platform. Late last year, the company expanded its ads policies to include rules against “fake news” sites that impersonate legitimate media organizations.

The company reportedly kicked 200 publishers off the AdSense platform as part of an effort targeting fake news.

This latest move shows the general threat online platforms like Google and Facebook face as fringe groups look to game ad platforms to make money by spreading misinformation.

American Free Press has run posts and videos alleging Jewish control of the White House and promoting Holocaust denial. Counter Currents has run posts hailing Hitler and deriding “white submissivists.”

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