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Disney’s Maker Studios has cut ties with PewDiePie after the YouTube star posted anti-Semitic videos

One video includes two men unfurling a sign that reads, “Death to all Jews.”

PewDiePie Signs Copies Of His New Book 'This Book Loves You'
PewDiePie, aka Felix Kjellberg
John Lamparski/Getty Images

Disney subsidiary Maker Studios has cut ties with leading YouTube star Felix Kjellberg, or “PewDiePie,” over anti-Semitic videos on his channel with 53 million subscribers.

Maker Studios said in a statement:

“Although Felix has created a following by being provocative and irreverent, he clearly went too far in this case and the resulting videos are inappropriate. Maker Studios has made the decision to end our affiliation with him going forward.”

YouTube said in a statement:

We’ve decided to cancel the release of Scare PewDiePie Season 2 and we’re removing the PewDiePie channel from Google Preferred.

In a Jan. 11 video cited by the Wall Street Journal, which first reported the story, two men unfurl a sign that says “Death to all Jews,” then laugh.

PewDiePie removed the Jan. 11 video and two others according to the Journal, which identified nine videos containing anti-Semitic messages and Nazi footage and images.

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