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Here’s how to watch chef Marcus Samuelsson and BuzzFeed’s Ashley McCollum live today

Samuelsson and McCollum will be interviewed live by Peter Kafka from Code Media.

There’s no doubt that food plays well online. Cooking videos are all over Facebook, and the love of food itself may be the last thing everyone on the internet can agree on.

Marcus Samuelsson is the owner of Red Rooster Harlem and the founder of He’s a world-famous chef who has used television to bolster his career and his food empire. Now he’s using the internet to do the same thing.

Ashley McCollum is the general manager of BuzzFeed’s popular Tasty brand. She’s in charge of a simple but powerful idea — food recipe videos on Facebook— that has become the fastest-growing part of the digital publisher’s business in less than a year.

McCollum and Samuelsson will be interviewed live by Peter Kafka onstage at Code Media on Tuesday, Feb. 14, at 9:35 am PT. Watch on YouTube below.

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