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Twitter’s M&A boss Jessica Verrilli is leaving the company

By Twitter standards, Verrilli has been around a lifetime.

Twitter M&A boss Jessica Verrilli takes a selfie in front of the marina beside Fort Mason in San Francisco Jess Verrilli / Twitter

Jessica Verrilli, the head of Twitter’s corp dev team and the company’s lead when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, is leaving the company at the end of the year.

Verrilli has been with Twitter almost nine years, with a short stint at Google Ventures in 2015 that lasted just a couple of months. That means she started when co-founder Ev Williams was the CEO of Twitter — truly a lifetime ago.

As a result, Verrilli has been involved, in some way, in virtually every Twitter acquisition in company history. She lists Vine, Periscope, MoPub and Gnip on her LinkedIn profile. Twitter confirmed that the company will soon start searching for Verrilli’s replacement, though M&A seems to be low on Twitter’s priority list these days. Twitter didn’t acquire a single company in 2017.

It’s unknown what Verrilli will do next. “I’m ready to take time off, recharge, and figure out what’s next,” she wrote in a tweetstorm Friday. Verrilli is also a member of #Angels, an investment group made up of current and former female Twitter executives.

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