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Recode Daily: Amazon achieves detente with Apple — Prime Video is finally on Apple TV

Plus, Oracle continues its shady lobbying campaign against Google, most women founders have experienced sexual harassment, and an app that wants to get you back in nature.

logos for streaming services Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Sling and Hulu on Apple TV

After a long Cold War, Amazon Prime Video finally arrived on Apple TV yesterday. But the streaming-platform wars are heating up elsewhere — a similar skirmish is brewing between Amazon and Alphabet, the holding company that owns Google and YouTube. Google’s Chromecast device doesn’t support Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon’s Fire TV streaming device doesn’t support Google Play. [Jake Swearingen / Vulture]

For the past year, Oracle has conducted a cloak-and-dagger lobbying campaign against Google while the two tech giants are battling in federal court over allegations of stolen computer code. Since 2010, Oracle has accused Google of copying Java and using key portions of it in the making of Android; Oracle’s tactics include seeding negative stories to reporters, seeking penalties against Google in Europe and buying billboard ads to antagonize its tech peer. [Tony Romm / Recode]

Nearly 80 percent of U.S. women founders have experienced sexual harassment at work or know someone who has, according to a new survey of 869 venture-backed tech startup founders; almost half of male founders reported having an experience of harassment. Meanwhile, Time magazine chose “the silence breakers” — including former Uber engineer Susan Fowler, whose essay about sexism and harassment at Uber helped start a cultural ripple that turned into a wave — as its Person of the Year. Bad behavior doesn’t happen in a silo — are corporate boards complicit in sexual harassment? [Rani Molla / Recode]

Democratic Sen. Al Franken may resign from his Minnesota Senate seat. Franken is under enormous pressure from his Senate colleagues — at first a series of women, who were later joined by men, including party leader Chuck Schumer — who are calling for Franken to leave office after seven separate allegations of sexual harassment and/or inappropriate behavior toward women. [Brian Bakst / MPR News]

Bots are snapping up the hottest Christmas toys for resale on eBay and Amazon, where they go for up to quadruple their original price. The bots work by constantly pinging retail websites, searching for sales, analyzing URLs and checking out at a speed that is “completely inhuman.” This year’s stampede-causing toy — the Tickle Me Elmo and BB-8 droid of 2017 — is Fingerlings, chirping monkeys, sloths and unicorns that wrap around your finger. [Christina Caron / The New York Times]

It’s here: The Recode 100, our first annual list of the people in tech and business who actually made the biggest impact this year. Our goal was to find the people who kicked the most ass in 2017 — the leaders, movement-starters, engineers, negotiators and creatives who have been the most productive and innovative in the industries we cover — primarily in tech, media and commerce, but also some of our new focus areas like transportation, policy and robotics. And we think we did! The package is capped off by Kara Swisher’s not-to-be-missed handpicked list of The Terrible 10.

Recode Presents ...

The Code Media agenda for February is packed with fascinating leaders from the intersection of technology and media. Here are four more of them:

  • Nancy Dubuc, President and CEO, A+E Networks
  • Tim Armstrong, CEO, Oath
  • Lydia Polgreen, Editor in Chief, HuffPost
  • Yaron Galai, co-founder and CEO, Outbrain

You can join them, along with Kara Swisher and Peter Kafka, at the Paséa Hotel and Resort in Huntington Beach, California, next February 12 and 13 by registering here.

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This is cool

An app designed to get you back in touch with nature — and to stop using apps for a few minutes.

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