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Matt and Ross Duffer’s cult hit ‘Stranger Things’ solidified Netflix as the content creator to watch

The Duffer brothers are No. 100 on the Recode 100.

You would have to be buried underground with a blindfold and earplugs to have missed the cultural phenomenon that is the Duffer brothers’ Netflix show “Stranger Things” and this year’s “Stranger Things 2.”

Matt and Ross Duffer’s sci-fi horror homage to 1980’s pop culture took the U.S. by storm, with more than 16 million people watching the season premiere of “Stranger Things 2.” The series exemplifies Netflix’s rise as a next-generation content platform that’s actually worth watching.

The show’s characters are so beloved that the Twitter hashtag #justiceforbarb was launched for a relatively minor character. Even the title sequence was a don’t-miss when you watched — okay, binge-watched — the show.

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