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Marc Stad, behind the scenes, is winning ownership stakes in Silicon Valley’s hottest companies

Stad is No. 74 on the Recode 100.

Amid a legion of flashy investors who are hypersensitive about how the world sees them, Marc Stad has quite intentionally flown under the radar — eschewing press coverage even as he and his investment firm, Dragoneer Investment Group, find unique ways of getting access to some of Silicon Valley’s highest-profile companies.

Dragoneer’s go-to move? Invest in a company a few years ahead of its IPO, but avoid a traditional fundraising round — either through a secondary stock sale, as it’s pursuing with Uber, or through a convertible debt note, as it executed with Spotify.

Stad, only 38, is highly regarded by his peers but has largely avoided the limelight. But he’s being discovered.

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