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Apoorva Mehta turned Instacart’s nightmare scenario into its best sales pitch

Mehta is No. 45 on the Recode 100.

When Amazon announced its blockbuster acquisition of Whole Foods in June, Instacart’s future looked shaky. Whole Foods was the grocery delivery service’s largest customer, and it seemed likely that Amazon would find a way to execute a divorce.

That fear may still become a reality, but in the meantime, Instacart is doing fine and diversifying its business.

Under CEO Apoorva Mehta, it has signed up new delivery pacts with giant grocery holding companies Albertsons and Kroger, expanded the company’s deals with Costco and CVS, and made its first international launch: A partnership with Canada’s largest grocer, Loblaws.

The next challenge: Keeping Instacart’s network of in-store shoppers and delivery people happy following a series of pay changes and uproar over how Instacart handles tips.

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