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Waymo’s John Krafcik has the answers to your self-driving car questions

Krafcik is No. 46 on the Recode 100.

When John Krafcik joined Alphabet’s self-driving arm, Waymo, as its CEO in 2015, there were many questions looming about the future of the project. When would it ship a product? Would the company be able to commercialize it? When would the cars drive themselves without someone behind the wheel?

This year, many — though not all — of those questions have been answered. Under Krafcik, the company has rolled out the first fleet of truly driverless cars, in Phoenix, Ariz. It’s still not yet a commercial product, but it’s a significant feat for the company, which has been working on its autonomous tech for nearly a decade.

There’s more to come: Under Krafcik, Waymo has also deepened its relationship with Fiat Chrysler, upping the number of cars the companies are developing together, and struck a new deal with Lyft.

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