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Glossier’s Emily Weiss built a budding beauty brand with the internet’s help

Weiss is No. 32 on the Recode 100.

Emily Weiss may be one of the only people on the internet who actually looks forward to reading the comments. That’s because Weiss, the founder of beauty and fashion startup Glossier, relies on comments from her customers to actually build her business.

Earlier this year, Glossier used feedback from Instagram users to help create a moisturizer. It did the same with a face wash in 2016, and it has also asked customers to weigh in other products, like their favorite candle scents.

“One of the things that we really rely on is our customers as co-creators and sort of co-conspirators of our company,” Weiss told Recode this fall.

It seems to be working. Glossier, which started as a beauty blog back in 2010, has developed into a powerful beauty upstart. In 2017, the company expanded internationally into Canada and the U.K., launched a small line of body products and unveiled its first fragrance, called You. The company is also getting bigger — quickly. Earlier this year, Glossier announced it would hire more than 280 employees, more than four times its workforce earlier this year. That’s a lot of commenters.

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