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Marc Lore has transformed Walmart into a worthy Amazon challenger

Lore is No. 19 on the Recode 100.

A year ago, Amazon had no real No. 2 competitor in the U.S. Today, Walmart has solidified itself in that role.

Much of the progress starts with the company’s digital head, Marc Lore, who joined in late 2016 when Walmart spent $3 billion to buy his startup,

This year, he has led a drastic expansion of Walmart’s online selection, instituted a creative discount program to lure more shoppers into stores, inked a deal with Google to get Walmart into voice shopping, and purchased menswear brand Bonobos to craft an exclusive portfolio of brands that Amazon can’t touch.

The result: A stock price that’s up 40 percent this year and newfound credibility as a company where talented tech employees and entrepreneurs will consider working.

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