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Like your Instagram Story? Now you can save it to your profile.

The move is good news for brands and celebrities.

A cyclist takes a selfie with a selfie stick Bryn Lennon / Getty Images for Qatar Cyclist Center

Instagram is making a change to user profiles that should be a big hit with brands and celebrities.

The update: Instagram users can now pin a Story to their profile page, a way to preserve the photo and video montages that usually disappear piece by piece after 24 hours.

Users can create a Story and leave it on their Instagram profile for good, and there’s no limit to how many Stories you can create and save.

A picture of an Instagram profile with Stories saved under the profile photo. Instagram

A celebrity could create a branded story for an advertiser, for example, and pin it to their profile page so it exists for longer than 24 hours to generate more views than they’d likely get if the Story disappeared after one day.

It could encourage more businesses to use Instagram. Brands, too, can pin as many Stories as they want to their profile page, which should give them a free way to promote campaigns or content they want customers to see.

It’ll be interesting to see if the ability to save and pin Stories will change the way people create them. The appeal of Stories has always been that they disappear, and thus don’t necessarily need to be high-quality. The point was to lower the pressure that comes with posting something online and encourage people to share more often.

The ability to pin a Story doesn’t necessarily change that, because users aren’t required to pin a story to their profile.

But Instagram hopes that you will, and the company will start automatically saving all photos and videos that you add to your Stories in a new archive so you can find them, and re-share them later on.

The new feature rolls out on Tuesday as part of a free app update.

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