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The founder of Timehop left Snap after less than a year

Jonathan Wegener joined Snap in January to work on product. Now he’s gone.

Former Timehop CEO Jonathan Wegener stands in a forest surrounded by yellow leaves.
Former Timehop CEO Jonathan Wegener
Jonathan Wegener / Facebook

Timehop founder Jonathan Wegener, who joined Snap in January to work on Snapchat’s product, has already left the company.

Wegener, whose old startup Timehop surfaces your social media memories years after you posted them, confirmed his departure to Recode.

“I had a great year at Snap — love the product, team, and learned a ton,” he wrote. “But ultimately I’m most passionate about building companies and products from scratch, and I decided to take some time off to travel and be inspired before I get back into the swing of things in 2018. Keep an eye out next year.”

People come and go at big tech companies all the time, but Snap tends to see execs come and go quicker than most. A number of well-known Silicon Valley techies have gone to work at Snap over the years, and many of them don’t make it more than 18 months. Here are a few examples.

Wegener’s departure also comes right as Snap is redesigning its entire app. The company announced the major redesign late last month, though it still hasn’t yet rolled out broadly to users.

Wegener was a big Snapchat fan before joining the company. “I’m incredibly bullish on Snapchat as a company and this new move in particular,” Wegener wrote when Snapchat launched Memories, its feature for saving photos and videos. “Snapchat is perfectly imperfect,” he added.

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