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Uber hasn’t recovered its business in San Francisco and New York since #deleteUber

The company’s sales have gone back up to pre-#deleteUber levels in many of its other major markets.

Uber has recovered from the impact of the #deleteUber campaign in certain cities better than others, new data shows.

Nationally, Uber’s market share declined as the first of two campaigns to boycott Uber took off and its competitor Lyft expanded into new cities across the U.S.

While Uber's share in many major U.S. markets has failed to recover from that campaign, its sales overall have picked back up, according to credit card analytics company Second Measure.

Cities where Uber lost the most market share to Lyft after #deleteUber

Detroit saw the biggest drop in market share immediately following the delete Uber campaign, dropping 17 percent from December to February. Portland followed with a 10 percent decrease in market share in that time.

But Uber’s sales have recovered in most of the cities in which it saw market share decline, with the notable exceptions of San Francisco and New York, where sales are down 5 percent and 7 percent respectively since December.

Importantly, the company only saw a 15 percent increase in sales in that time compared with Lyft, which saw a 33 percent uptick nationally.

Sales in cities Uber lost market share from #deleteUber

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