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The employee who stopped Donald Trump’s tweeting for 11 minutes gets high-fived on Twitter

Good news for Twitter is that Trump’s temporary ban resulted in some funny tweets.

Covfefe, the sequel?

Many on Twitter had a field day with Trump’s temporary ban from the service. The main silver lining for Twitter, which now looks like it is run like a goat rodeo: This generated a lot of funny tweets.

As most know, President Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account was temporarily removed on Thursday after an employee of the social communications company purposely deactivated the account.

Trump’s @realDonaldTrump account went down for 11 minutes Thursday afternoon, and it was originally unclear why. Twitter later tweeted that it was because of “human error” and that the company was investigating further.

In a tweet Thursday night, Twitter confirmed that the account was deactivated “by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day.”

While not everyone has weighed in, a cursory look at Twitter seemed to indicate that a lot of people thought the still-unnamed employee was a hero.

Here is a short selection, for your enjoyment (or not, depending):

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