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Geoff Lewis of Founders Fund has started his own venture capital firm

The Founders Fund investor is partnering with Eric Stromberg.

Geoff Lewis
Geoff Lewis

The investor Geoff Lewis, one of the general partners at the elite Founders Fund, has officially kicked off his own venture capital firm.

Lewis is partnering with Eric Stromberg, the founder of Oyster, for a new fund of up to $118 million, according to documents filed with the SEC on Monday. The firm, called Bedrock Capital, promises “capital for one-of-a-kind companies,” according to its website.

News about Lewis’s departure from Founders Fund emerged this summer, though details were scarce at the time. Lewis began at his new firm in July, according to his LinkedIn page, which also notes his fund intends to lead private companies’ Series A and B rounds.

Lewis was known at Founders Fund for his time on the board of Lyft, which he backed in 2013 and is now valued at over $10 billion. Stromberg’s involvement has not previously been reported. Stromberg and other Oyster staff were “acqhired” by Google in 2015.

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