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‘Amazon Stadium’ is the latest bait being dangled in front of Jeff Bezos

A Chicago developer is promising a sports complex if the company decides to put its HQ2 in the Windy City.

An architect’s rendering of what an Amazon sports stadium complex could look like in Chicago
Maybe Amazon could buy the Chicago Bears, too.
Developer Sterling Bay
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The bidding war over which city will be the location of Amazon’s next headquarters continues.

As reported in the Chicago Tribune, Sterling Bay Developers in Chicago have drawn up plans for an Amazon HQ2 that includes a sports complex as well as an entertainment venue at Sterling Bay’s 70-plus-acre site along the west side of the river near Lincoln Park.

In September, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos opened the bidding for Amazon’s HQ2 by promising jobs for as many as 50,000 workers, and cities responded with lavish proposals. The competition is fierce, but Chicago is at least in the running.

An architect’s drawing of what Amazon’s headquarters in Chicago could look like.
The complex has a building that spans the river.
Sterling Bay Developers

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