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Can Twitter’s community fix Twitter? Here are your suggestions to save it.


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Twitter is struggling. It has for a while. The company is still having a hard time growing its user base and keeping new users around.

Even for those of us who live and die on Twitter, engaging people and having constructive conversations is a challenge.

So we asked the Twitter community to come up with their own solutions to Twitter’s problems. We received over 200 responses and we’ve condensed them down to some of the ones Twitter could actually do, and some cool ideas it should actually do.

So — @Jack — if you’re listening, take a look at these and maybe we can keep this platform we love going for a while longer.

Offer a subscription version. Could this be a way to save Twitter’s shrinking business?

More live video, and make it easier to find. We also want to know how Twitter’s live videos are actually doing. Would more diverse options help keep people around?

Ban Bots and find better way to report them. By far and away this was the most popular response to fixing Twitter.

Or would simply labeling them help?

Editing tweets. We’ve wanted this for a while too. Or maybe allow at least 30 seconds where you can edit.

Full-time CEO. Jack Dorsey is still splitting his time between Square and Twitter.

Verify users.

Limit what counts as a character and add more design options for tweets.

Adding more visual options for a RT.

Find a way to end harassment. This is an ongoing problem at Twitter and arguably one of its biggest challenges.

View a tweet or video while scrolling. Facebook made this change as well.

Add reputation-based mentions. This might go against what some other users were suggesting about not prioritizing anyone, but I get the idea.

Improve discoverability. This could be Snapchat’s problem, too. How do you find the worthwhile accounts to follow, especially if you’re a new user?

Change the company’s perception of Twitter’s leadership.

We approve this suggestion: Read before you tweet.

This would probably free up a lot of good usernames, too.

Change the policy where Twitter allows certain tweets to stay because of their “newsworthiness.”

Change the algorithm. A lot of people asked for Twitter to go back to chronological tweets. While Twitter already has this as an option (go here to fix it) it may need to promote this more often.

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