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Recode Daily: Jack Dorsey’s two companies — Twitter and Square — are neck and neck in market cap

Plus, Amazon will deliver your stuff right inside your home, Uber has its own credit card, and the unsexy and brutally effective future of online dating.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Slack
Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Slack
Jack Dorsey / Newspix / Getty Images

Twitter reports Q3 earnings today — along with Alphabet, Amazon, Intel and Microsoft, with Facebook and Apple coming next week. Analysts expect a nearly 5 percent decline in Twitter's revenue this quarter and only small growth in monthly active users. But things are looking up for CEO Jack Dorsey’s other venture, Square — since its disappointing IPO in November 2015, Square has consistently posted solid financial results, and is worth about $12.5 billion, a difference of about 1 percent of Twitter’s value. [Rani Molla / Recode]

Amazon will start delivering packages right into the homes of Prime members. Starting at $250, the Amazon Key program, which goes live on Nov. 8 in 37 U.S. cities, works with Amazon Cloud Cam, an internet-connected security camera bundled with an accompanying “smart” lock, which will allow authorized delivery people, cleaners, contractors or friends to enter customers’ homes; those customers can watch the process live via their phone. [Jason Del Rey / Recode]

SoftBank chief Masayoshi Son pulled back the curtain on his controversial $100 billion Vision Fund yesterday, revealing that the colossal tech fund has already taken home $3 billion in profit and has earned a 22 percent return over the last five months. “Good start. Not bad,” he said, addressing a conference hosted by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. [Theodore Schleifer / Recode]

Apple’s new TV shows will be nipple-free Apple wants to spend $1 billion or more on its own TV shows, but it doesn't want anything with sex or violence. Meanwhile, CEO Tim Cook has taken a hands-on approach to the stuff Apple has already made, asking for edits to make the shows less raunchy. [Peter Kafka / Recode]

Donald Trump broke Twitter for “Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee.After Nov. 8, 2016, Bee says, her Twitter mentions became an "unbelievable torrent of hatred." In a live-in-NYC taping of the Recode Media with Peter Kafka podcast, Bee also said she is sick of the Harvey Weinsteins of the world getting a free pass. ““I mean, I’m a horrible bully at work, but that’s different,” she said. “That’s like comedy-bullying, and that’s fun.” [Eric Johnson / Recode]

Recode presents ...

Can Silicon Valley get its mojo back? In this recorded-live discussion about tech culture from the 2017 Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit, Kara Swisher joins venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar, theBoardlist founder Sukhinder Singh Cassidy and Uptake CEO Brad Keywell. Moderated by Nick Bilton, the group has a popcorn-worthy debate over what can be done about management troubles, rampant sexism in Silicon Valley and the weaponization of social media. Plus: Swisher explains why the future may hinge on the people in the middle of the economy who have neither won nor lost in the internet revolution.

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Apple’s new TV shows will be nipple-free.

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Clever, Netflix. Very clever.

This is cool

Driven by AI and social media surveillance, the future of online dating is unsexy and brutally effective.

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