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Watch BuzzFeed News and The Daily Caller troll CNN’s ‘This is an apple’ ad


Image of Buzzfeed News parody ad of CNN This is an Apple Ad	Credit: Screengrab from Buzzfeed News video

On Monday, CNN released a simple ad that responded to President Donald Trump’s continual tweets about fake news.

And on Tuesday, the internet responded with — surprise! — parodies. First, if you haven’t seen CNN’s “This is an apple” ad, take a moment to do so now.

Tuesday, BuzzFeed News (ordinarily one of the first sites to pick up on a parody so a day later it feels a little behind) published a slightly tired-looking knock knock joke ad. Trust me, it ends exactly how you think.

Conservative website The Daily Caller memed CNN almost right away on Monday, twisting the ad’s premise on its head by calling a banana an apple and defending Trump from CNN’s reporting. The mock ad ends with a spin on CNN’s ending line: “Facts First (UNLESS WE ARE REPORTING ON TRUMP).”

And another conservative website, The Daily Wire, scrapped apples and bananas altogether and published an anti-transgender ad in the style of CNN’s original.

Update, Oct. 25:

Not to be outdone, Stephen Colbert released his own CNN apple ad parody Wednesday and, as he does with most comedy, takes it to the next level. His final line: “Now orange you ready to impeach?”

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