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Where do people use Snapchat? A whole lot at parties.

Recently released data shows that where you are matters a lot for how you use Snapchat.

A model of the Snapchat ghost, winking PG /Bauer-Griffin / GC Images

If you’re in an interesting place, you might assume you’d want to tell people you’re there, regardless of where you are.

But you’d be wrong, according to a recent survey commissioned by Snapchat parent company Snap and conducted by Greenberg Strategy. According to the survey, there’s a huge gap between people who use Snapchat at parties and restaurants, and those who use it at museums and sports stadiums:

Another interesting pullout from this survey is the big drop-off between 13- to-21-year-olds who use Snapchat at school (64 percent) and 22-plus-year-olds who use it at work (34 percent). However, the numbers provided to Recode did not break out what percentage of the users surveyed fell into each age group, or how spread out the ages of the 22-plus group were.

Snap first shared some of these numbers in April, as part of a bid to get more advertisers on its platform. Since then, Wall Street has not indicated that it is convinced by the company’s planned turnaround, with shares closing on Friday more than 8 percent below its March IPO price.

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