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Facebook just acquired TBH, the anonymous app popular with high school kids

TBH was kind of the social media hit of the summer.

A crowd of people sitting on the floor, all looking at their cellphones George Frey / Getty Images

Facebook is trying to find more teenage users, so it just acquired an anonymous app called TBH, which is popular among high schoolers.

TBH announced the deal on Monday, and a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the app will remain active and the startup's founders will continue running it.

TBH was kind of the social media hit of the summer, routinely reaching the top of the download charts among free apps on iOS.

The motivator for Facebook is obvious: The company wants to get the next wave of teenagers using a Facebook property. Teens are using Facebook less and less, but the good news is that many of them are headed to Instagram, which Facebook owns. Snapchat, of course, is also very popular with teens.

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