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Only 1 in 3 voters approve of Trump’s executive order undermining Obamacare

Only about one in three Americans say they approve of President Donald Trump’s executive order to undermine the stability of the Obamacare market, according to a survey by the Public Policy Polling.

This is the first poll published since the order was signed on Thursday, and it shows that about half of Americans disapprove — including about one in 10 Trump supporters.

Still, that means just one in three voters approve — and that an entire third of Trump voters either don’t approve or aren’t sure.

Trump has long said the cost-sharing payment to insurance companies was a “windfall” for them. So many were bracing for the announcement this week that the White House would end these payments.

But the money actually goes to compensate the insurance companies for the discounted prices their low-income customers receive under Obamacare. Those low-income customers will continue to receive these lower prices because Obamacare requires it, so insurance companies have started shifting these costs onto largely middle-class people — people who earn more than 400 percent of the federal poverty line, which works out to about $48,000 for an individual.

One thing Congress could do to stymie the sabotage of Obamacare markets is to work to reinstate the subsidies — something a bipartisan group of senators is working on.

When asked if Congress should stand up to Trump on health care issues, about one in five Trump voters believe they should.

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