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The final ‘Stranger Things 2’ trailer is out and it’s terrifying

These kids can’t catch a break.

It’s fitting that on Friday the 13th (in October no less) Netflix has decided to drop the final trailer for “Stranger Things” season 2 on us. And be prepared. This season of the ’80s nostalgia series is going to be even spookier than the first.

The new trailer isn’t filled with the sweetness (at least to start) of the last, which launched at Comic Con earlier this year. In that one, our favorite monster-fighting kids get a hint of normal childhood by battling the fictional monsters in the video game Dragon’s Lair (as I child of the ’80s I can attest to this game’s awesomeness).

But all that is gone. The new trailer is filled with even bigger horrors than the first season and HOLD UP LOOK AT ELEVEN’S AMAZING HAIR!

Netflix has said it will generate more than 1,000 hours of “premium original programming” this year, up from 600 hours last year. The streaming service is expected to spend more than $6 billion on programming, more than Hulu, HBO, or Amazon.

The streaming giant has produced a growing number of hits, including “The Crown,” “House of Cards,” “Master of None,” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” many of which were nominated for or won Emmys this year.

“Stranger Things 2” will be available for streaming on October 27, just in time to get scared and binge watch for the Halloween season.

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