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SNL returned with ‘Donald Trump’ once again playing center stage

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Saturday Night Live debuted last night with Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions portrayals.
Portrayals of Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump on ‘SNL’ last night.
Screenshot of SNL video from YouTube

“Saturday Night Live” wasted no time bringing back its most reliable punch line.

In the first skit of the first episode of the show’s 43rd season, the show’s producers called upon Alec Baldwin yet again to reprise his Emmy-winning portrayal of Donald Trump — though this season, they’re giving him some new playmates.

Gone is Sean Spicer, the oft-embattled — and now former — White House press secretary. In is Melissa Villaseñor’s depiction of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Spicer’s replacement, who welcomes Baldwin’s Trump back to the Oval Office from his golf course in her Southern drawl.

Expectations for NBC are massive this season after the show’s sky-high ratings, fueled largely by Baldwin’s performance. Several of the show’s most memorable skits had a viral second life on digital platforms last season.

So watch below as Trump fields phone calls from the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico — with whom Trump is feuding over the federal government’s hurricane response — praises himself for how he handled the dispute with NFL players over the national anthem, and then has a very, very close encounter with his attorney general, Jeff Sessions (once again played by Kate McKinnon.)

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