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The very long list of Republicans in Congress who have taken no position on Trump's refugee ban

And a much shorter list of Democrats.

Note: We’ve stopped checking for statements by members of Congress.

Donald Trump’s executive order, which bans entry into the US if you’re from one of seven Muslim-majority countries, was signed on Friday afternoon. Almost every Democratic member of Congress publicly opposed the order, on Twitter, on Facebook, or in a statement. (Scroll down for a list of Democratic legislators who have stayed silent so far.)

Here’s the list of Republican legislators who opposed or critiqued the order as of Wednesday evening:

106 Republican legislators expressed support for the executive action, though one was a voice that carries particular weight: House Speaker Paul Ryan, whose spokesperson AshLee Strong insisted Saturday that it was “not a religious test and it is not a ban on people of any religion.”

That leaves the large majority of legislators in this final column: those who said nothing or issued a statement that took no real position. Some legislators posted on social media about it but took no stance, like Rep. Dave Trott and Rep. Dave Brat.

We visited every single legislator’s website and social media feeds, and it was eerie to see legislator after legislator posting on Facebook about Holocaust Remembrance Day — about how we can’t forget the atrocities, and how we can’t let it happen again.

Here’s the much shorter list of Democratic legislators who have stayed silent or unclear as of Wednesday evening.

And here’s the list of Democratic members of Congress who have released statements against the order.

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