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Thousands of people are protesting Trump’s immigration order at airports across America

Protestors Rally At JFK Airport Against Muslim Immigration Ban
Protestors Rally At JFK Airport Against Muslim Immigration Ban
Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

On Friday, Donald Trump signed a controversial executive order that blocks immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States — initially including legal permanent residents, commonly known as “green card” holders. The result: A bunch of people from these seven countries have gotten stranded in airports, unable to enter the United States. They range from people just arriving in the US for new jobs to people who have lived in America legally for years and were merely taking a vacation overseas.

The senseless cruelty of the executive order has led to spontaneous protests at many of America’s major airports. Hundreds of protesters have gathered at airports from New York to San Francisco to demonstrate their opposition to Trump’s policy. Here are some on-the-scenes photos and videos of the protests at airports around the country. To read more of Vox’s coverage of Trump’s immigration order, click here.

John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City

San Francisco International Airport

Chicago O’Hare Airport

Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Denver International Airport

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