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Jan 27, 2017, 7:42pm EST
  • February 21, 2020

    Trump’s expanded travel ban just went into effect for 6 new countries

    Citizens of Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tanzania can still visit the US, but most won’t be able to settle here permanently.

  • February 1, 2020

    Trump’s expanded travel ban will hit Nigerians the hardest

    It will effectively ban Nigerian immigration to the US.

  • September 21, 2018

    Exclusive: internal documents show how hard it is for some immigrants to get a travel ban waiver

    State Department guidance sets a higher bar for some people than others.

  • June 27, 2018

    Democrats sat out the 2014 midterms and lost the Supreme Court for a generation

    The lesson of the Democrats’ nightmare: midterms matter.

  • June 26, 2018

    The Supreme Court upheld Trump’s travel ban by pretending Trump isn’t the president

    The ruling showed why the Court is so terrible at seeing threats to democracy in real time.

  • June 26, 2018

    The travel ban decision echoes some of the worst Supreme Court decisions in history

    The logic SCOTUS used to uphold the travel ban would justify Japanese internment camps.

  • June 26, 2018

    Awkward: the upheld travel ban still applies to North Korea, too

    Will President Trump move to remove North Korea as nuclear negotiations go on?

  • June 26, 2018

    How Trump’s travel ban threatens health care, in 3 charts

    Immigrants make up nearly a quarter of the health workforce.

  • June 26, 2018

    How Trump finally got his travel ban, in a flowchart

    Lower courts rejected travel bans several times. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of this one.

  • June 26, 2018

    The moral case against Trump’s travel ban

    A political theorist on the ethics of Trump’s "Muslim ban"

  • June 26, 2018

    Mitch McConnell’s stunning Supreme Court success

    The travel ban ruling is the latest major consequence of his blockade of Merrick Garland.

  • June 26, 2018

    Read: Sotomayor condemns Trump’s “unrelenting attack on the Muslim religion”

    Sotomayor read Trump’s tweets too and wants to know why the rest of the Supreme Court didn’t.

  • June 26, 2018

    How Trump’s travel ban became normal

    The ban has been tamed. So has the resistance to it.

  • June 26, 2018

    Supreme Court rules in favor of Trump’s travel ban

    The court says the ban is a typical government policy — not an expression of Trump’s feelings about Muslims.

  • June 26, 2018

    Read: Supreme Court upholds travel ban

    The justices just issued a long-awaited ruling in Trump v. Hawaii.

  • June 13, 2018

    North America will host the 2026 World Cup after Trump promised the travel ban won’t apply

    He won’t be president by then, but FIFA was still worried.

  • April 25, 2018

    Trump v. Hawaii: the Supreme Court’s travel ban oral arguments look better for Trump

    Here’s how the justices are thinking about the case.

  • April 25, 2018

    The Supreme Court might make Trump’s travel ban permanent

    The travel ban is already in effect. On Wednesday, the Court will hear the case on what happens next.

  • November 14, 2017

    Get ready for the permanent travel ban to go into effect 

    But as with the previous version, there’s a big, big exception.

  • October 17, 2017

    Trump’s latest, indefinite travel ban just got blocked in court (for now)

    Federal judge: Trump can’t ban entries from Muslim-majority countries, but bans on Venezuela and North Korea are okay.

  • September 28, 2017

    The Trump administration just made its travel ban permanent

    "There is no light at the end of the tunnel anymore": Trump’s newest travel ban, explained.

  • July 19, 2017

    Supreme Court tells Trump he can ban refugees, but not grandparents of immigrants

    The saga continues.

  • July 7, 2017

    The latest travel ban development is bad news for grandmothers and refugees

    A Hawaii judge refuses to clear up how the Supreme Court’s ruling applies to them — and it’s unclear who will.

  • July 5, 2017

    A legal journalist on the “surreal” experience of becoming a US citizen under Trump

    Sarah Jeong has spent the past several months covering Trump’s travel ban … while officially becoming an American citizen.

  • June 30, 2017

    Why the new travel ban isn’t causing chaos

    Trump has disappeared the travel ban into existing injustices in immigration law.