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Twitter is replacing the Moments tab with a new Explore tab instead

Twitter wants to make it easier for you to find stuff on Twitter.

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Twitter wants to make it easier for you to find great content on its app. To do this, Twitter is consolidating a number of its search and discovery features into a new tab on its mobile toolbar.

The company announced Thursday that it’s replacing its Moments tab with a new one called Explore, which will feature Moments, search, trending hashtags and featured live videos all in the same place.


None of those individual features are new — they’re just currently scattered throughout Twitter’s app. Now, they’ll all be in the same place. The current search icon, a magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner on iOS, is going away, a spokesperson said.

Twitter has been testing a new tab like this since the fall, so the company must like how people are using it.

What’s subtle, but seems important, is that Moments is being pushed a little deeper into Twitter’s app. The feature — a collection of tweets publishers and users create around specific events — was the most high-profile product launch Twitter has ever had, with months of buildup from executives before they finally unveiled it in late 2015.

Twitter hasn’t shared many meaningful metrics around Moments since launch, and it certainly hasn’t been a game changer for the company the way many thought it might be. Now, it’s losing its standalone tab, too.

The Explore tab will start rolling out to iOS users beginning Thursday and will appear for Android users “in the coming weeks,” according to Twitter’s blog post.

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