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What Suicide Squad director David Ayer wishes he could change about his critically panned film

One of his solutions: Add more Joker.

Suicide Squad (Warner Bros.)
Suicide Squad (Warner Bros.)
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Suicide Squad, Warner Bros.’ clunker of an antihero superhero film, is not a very good movie. A critically panned disaster, it makes you question whether DC Comics and Warner Bros. know what they’re doing, and whether they realize the treasured characters they’re working with. It’s enough to convince you that superhero fatigue is real. And worst of all, it doesn’t make any sense.

Over the weekend, Suicide Squad Director David Ayer acknowledged as much.

In a note to a fan on Twitter, Ayer wrote an honest letter about his experience working on Suicide Squad, the movie’s faults, and how he wants to improve in the future.

“I know Squad has its flaws, Hell, the World knows it. Nothing hurts more than to pick up a newspaper and see a couple years of your blood, sweat, and tears, ripped to shreds,” he wrote, adding that despite these flaws, he’s glad to have introduced people to the film’s characters.

Ayer also revealed what he thinks could have helped the movie:

Wish I had a time machine. I’d make Joker the main villain and engineer a more grounded story. I have to take the good and the bad and learn from it. I love making movies and I love DC … I have to give the characters the stories and plots they deserve next time. Real talk.

Having a director like Ayer comment on a movie he directed and candidly address its faults is rare. Ayer’s willingness think hard about his own work and vow to improve is a good sign for moviegoers, critics, and fans of the DC Comics universe. One of the main criticisms of the film was the lack of development of the movie’s main villain, the Enchantress, as well as some of its supporting characters like Diablo, and it seems Ayer learned that lesson.

Ayer will have at least one shot to redeem himself and do right by the DC Comics universe, as he’ll be reunited with Margot Robbie (who played Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad) for the all-female antihero Gotham City Sirens movie.

You can read Ayer’s full note below:

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