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After a brief ban for anti-Trump retweets, the U.S. National Parks Service is back on Twitter

The account says its retweets yesterday were “mistaken.”

Twitter / @NatlParkService

Yesterday, someone with access to the official Twitter account for the U.S. National Parks service got the entire agency in hot water with newly inaugurated President Donald Trump.

Shortly after Trump was sworn in, the account retweeted two flavors of anti-Trump tweets, one noting the meager turnout for his inauguration and the other noting major changes to the White House website. The wobbly defense for both political retweets is that the NPS oversees the National Mall, where inauguration attendees had gathered, and that the new White House site no longer acknowledges climate change.

Gizmodo reported that the NPS had been ordered by the new administration to “cease use of government Twitter accounts until further notice.”

After much gnashing of teeth from the Twitterati overnight, the Parks Service confirmed today that the retweets were “mistaken,” but it looks as though its time in the doghouse is already over:

Meanwhile, Washington, D.C.’s, transit service WMATA, which runs the Metro train system, is finding subtler ways to jab at the new boss’s ego, pointing out that its parking garages and lots are much fuller for the Women’s March on Washington than they were for the inauguration.

Here’s Friday, Inauguration Day, at 10:34 am ET:

And Saturday, Women’s March Day, at 10:01 am ET:

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