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Trump's new Twitter account included a great inauguration pic — from Obama's inauguration in 2009



The official Twitter account for the sitting president, @POTUS, changed hands this morning from the Obama administration to the incoming Trump administration.

The account hasn’t been used to tweet yet, but the profile and banner photos have been changed. It looked like Trump’s new banner photo featured an image of flag-waving Americans at Friday’s inauguration. Fortunately, Twitter users are incredibly keen observers.


The photo, it appears, is from Obama’s 2009 inauguration — you can find it on Getty Images here. Trump’s inauguration made headlines, in part, because the crowds were significantly smaller than Obama’s. So it was interesting that his new Twitter account chose to feature a crowd from eight years ago.

Getty Images

And before you ask, no — this wasn’t a leftover from when it was Obama’s page. Moments before the switch, it looked like this:


The banner has since been changed to an American flag.


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