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7 paths the Trump presidency could take

He’s president. What happens now?

Trump Travels To DC For Inauguration Photo by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

Donald Trump is president. In an even modestly long sweep, this remains a stunning development. If you’d bet $1,000 on it coming true, the day Trump announced his run for the White House, you’d be collecting $200,000 now.

You could bank even more if you could predict how Trump’s time in office will play out in Washington. Almost any scenario seems in play, including a heyday of conservative policy that overshadows even the Reagan years; a blizzard of bipartisan dealmaking unseen in a generation; or a quick descent into hyper-intense, one-party gridlock.

We’re not fortune tellers at Vox, but our reporting has led us to believe that some scenarios are more likely than others when it comes to the political and policy developments of the next few years. We’ve collected several of those scenarios for you here. Treat them as a best-guess guide to how the Trump era is going to go — but no gambling, please.

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