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Twitter’s China head says ‘bye’ — adding another top exec departure to the heap as 2016 ends

Kathy Chen follows others out the door of the social communications company.

More execs fly the coop at Twitter.
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Twitter lost yet another top exec with the departure of Kathy Chen, its managing director in Greater China. Chen, as has become a practice for those leaving the social media company, did a 12-part tweetstorm about her exit.

She’s only been at Twitter for eight months, but said it was the “right time” to go. Chen said she would take time off.

Twitter does not actually operate in China due to a government ban. But it has an office in Hong Kong to focus on Chinese advertising customers and to work with developers there, too.

Chen is among many top execs who have left Twitter recently in the wake of a failed sales process and continued difficult efforts to reinvigorate its growth. Those departing of late include CTO Adam Messinger, COO Adam Bain and product exec Josh McFarland. There was also a whole passel heading out earlier in the year.

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