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One tweet that perfectly captures what it’s like to be a woman running for president

What does the GOP suggest Hillary Clinton do to prove she has what it takes to be commander in chief?


That’s according to a tweet sent by Reince Priebus, the chair of the Republican Party, after Clinton’s performance during the Commander-in-Chief Forum held on NBC News Wednesday night. Apparently, the Democratic candidate should have been less "angry" when outlining her strategy to defeat terrorist threats.

Perhaps Priebus would have preferred Clinton adopt Donald Trump’s strategy and use expletives when outlining the way he would defeat ISIS?

Priebus’s recommendations for Clinton highlight the different set of standards that apply for female politicians when they run for office. While Trump can incite violence against protesters at his rallies and against his political opponent, Clinton must preserve a pleasant and nonthreatening feminine demeanor — even when having to appear in strong and sturdy health, another criticism Priebus has deemed "fair game." In other words, Clinton is supposed to do everything that Trump does, except backwards and in high heels, also sporting a smile, apparently.

Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to single out Priebus. The smile brigade has been parading full force ever since Clinton started campaigning. Pundits like Steve Clemons and Joe Scarborough have also shared their unsolicited advice about the candidate’s alleged frown, while many others have offered opinions about her voice.

If smiling and having a soft voice are necessary attributes for the next commander in chief, the climb until November should be a steep one for Donald Trump.