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Here’s the new Apple Watch Series 2

Watch these video clips from the stage of Apple’s September 7, 2016 event.

At its fall product event in San Francisco Wednesday, Apple announced a new Apple Watch — but it’s also continuing to update the operating system that all its watches will run on.

The updates, first previewed at WWDC earlier this year, include the ability to more quickly launch apps and switch among different watch faces. Apple also says the watch’s messaging features will be “more expressive,” with the ability to scribble replies directly onto the watch.

Here’s a video of Apple exec Jeff Williams discussing all the updates:

Update: And here’s the video of Apple unveiling its newest watch hardware, dubbed “Series 2.”

Apple Watch Series 2 is priced at $369, as is the new Nike Apple Watch+. The original Apple Watch, a.k.a. “Series 1,” will get a boost to a dual-core processor and cost $269. Both Series of Apple Watch go on sale Sept. 16, while Nike's Apple Watch is slated for an October release.

Check out Recode’s liveblog here for the latest updates.

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