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Twitter has hired a new communications boss

Kristin Binns is joining the company from health insurance giant Anthem.


Twitter has found its new communications boss: Kristin Binns, who has been running public relations at health insurance giant Anthem (formerly known as Wellpoint) for the past six years. She’s also worked in communications at General Electric and NBC.

Binns is coming in as senior director and will oversee all of Twitter’s corporate and consumer communications, a role previously held by Natalie Kerris, who left Twitter in August after just a six-month stint with the company. (Kerris had a different title, but it sounds like Binns is taking over in a similar role.) She’ll report to Twitter’s CMO Leslie Berland, who has been running comms since Kerris’s departure.

Binns joins Twitter at a very interesting time. The company’s board of directors is meeting Thursday to discuss Twitter’s future as an independent company, and many on the outside have been howling for a sale for months. The company is also considering cost-cutting measures like layoffs and embarking on what some see as its last-ditch growth effort around TV-style livestreaming video.

Twitter’s comms team has experienced a lot of turnover in the past two months, too. In addition to Kerris, at least four other communications staffers have departed for other companies.

But! All the more reason to bring in someone like Binns. The commotion shouldn’t be unfamiliar — Binns ran comms at an insurance company during the Obamacare rollout, after all. She has a number of other accolades, like making PR Week’s 40 Under 40 list back in 2014.

Twitter hasn’t always moved fast on hiring — its key VP of Product role has been vacant since early June, for example — but the Binns appointment was quick. She recently moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles and starts today.

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