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Today's Apple iPhone event: The known unknowns | Recode Daily: September 7, 2016

What's the justification for eliminating the headphone jack? Any changes in pricing or the upgrade program? Will anyone say "bokeh"?

The Verge

.By now we have a pretty fair idea of some of the things Apple will reveal about the new iPhones and the Apple Watch at its event this morning, but there are still plenty of questions awaiting answers — details on the new cameras, Apple's explanation for eliminating the headphone jack and any changes in pricing or the upgrade program, to name a few. The event starts at 10 am PDT (livestream here). Check Recode for live coverage and analysis all day.
[Dan Frommer | Recode]

.Jim VandeHei, who co-founded Politico but decided to move on after clashing with owner Robert Allbritton, will launch his latest venture early next year: A subscription media outlet aimed at corporate executives and other professionals and focusing on areas such as tech, health care and business news. The new company lined up about $10 million in financing last week.
[Lukas I. Alpert | Wall Street Journal]

.LG has launched a new flagship phone, the V20, and may benefit from fortunate timing, what with Samsung's massive Galaxy Note 7 recall and likelihood that Apple's new iPhones won't sport any new game-changing features. The V20 will be the first phone to ship with Nougat, the latest flavor of Google’s Android operating system.
[Ina Fried | Recode]

.Under a new deal, MasterCard customers will be able to designate PayPal as their payment method when using their cards in stores using MasterCard's tap-and-pay system. PayPal, which is looking to expand its reach in the physical world, cut a similar deal with Visa in July.
[Telis Demos | Wall Street Journal]

.General Electric aims to build a billion-dollar business out of industrial 3-D printing by 2020, and to that end, it will shell out $1.4 billion for a pair of European companies that make 3-D printing machines. GE uses the technology to produce aircraft components and prototypes.
[Ted Mann and Eyk Henning | Wall Street Journal]

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CEO Tim Westergren is speaking at a Citi conference, and wanted to deliver some news when he does.
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And there sure are a lot of dogs. This is what you get when you run some ordinary grocery store footage through Google's DeepDream a few times.

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