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More than half the iPhones in the U.S. are already running iOS 10

Not bad for two weeks.

screenshot by Recode

It’s been just over two weeks since Apple released iOS 10, but already it is running on more than half of U.S. iPhones, according to numbers from two third-party tracking firms.

Here in the U.S., iOS 10 is running on 55 percent of iPhones, according to AppLovin. Globally, the number was 48 percent, it said. Data from Mixpanel also shows iOS 10 adoption crossing 50 percent this week.

Apple users are known for their speedy uptake of new releases, so it isn’t a huge shock. That said, it’s certainly an enviable stat, especially compared to things in the Android world.

Google’s own statistics, as of Sept. 7, show last year’s Marshmallow release running on less than 19 percent of devices, with 35 percent running Lollipop and nearly 28 percent running KitKat. Some 15 percent of devices are still running 2012’s Jelly Bean and 3 percent are using an even older version.

And almost no one was using Nougat, the new version of the software that Google released late last month.

Here’s a chart of iOS adoption on U.S. iPhones since its release earlier this month:

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