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Live from Burning Man

Visit the playa via this livestream, and you can keep your clothes on and stay sober. Or not! Up to you.

Burners, circa 2014
Nellie Bowles

I get why people — some people — want to go to Burning Man.

I don’t get why you’d want to watch a livestream of Burning Man, but I have the same question about lots of livestreams.

Still! Here is a livestream of Burning Man so you can watch people walk around in the desert.

Maybe some of them will be stoned, or naked, or both. Maybe you are, too!

If you are still reading now, I have a treat for you: A flashback to 2014, when Nellie Bowles wrote some truly great Burning Man dispatches for Recode, including this visit to Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman, at his Spider House.

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