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Anyone on Twitter can now create a Moment

More Moments = more content.


You — yes, you — can now create a Twitter Moment.

The company announced back in August that it was opening Moments, which are just tweets compiled into a story, to all users instead of just media partners. Beginning Wednesday, the feature is actually available to users on the web, and the company says it’s coming to mobile users down the line, too.

Though the feature begins rolling out today, it’ll take a few days to get to everybody. But creating a Moment looks easy, based on this short video Twitter posted — basically you just give it a title and add whatever tweets you want to the thread.

The point of all this is to highlight even more of Twitter’s best content. There are millions and millions of tweets, and it’s easy for stuff to get buried. Moments lets people collect the cool stuff and repackage it so more people will see it.

And while you might not care to see Moments created by most people on Twitter, some are bound to stick and go viral the way regular tweets go viral on the app. So it’s tough to see any harm in opening up the Moments platform.

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