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Samsung will start warning people every time they charge or turn on their recalled Galaxy Note 7

Users of newer models will see a green battery light indicating their phone is unaffected by the recall.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Announces Recall Of Samsung's New Galaxy Note 7 Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

Samsung said Tuesday that it is working with U.S. carriers on a software update that will allow Galaxy Note 7 owners to easily see if their phone is one that has been recalled or one with a newer battery unaffected by the recall.

Those still using an older model will see a warning to let them know their phone has been recalled, urging them to power down and exchange the device. That warning will show up each time a user powers on or charges the device.

The update will show a green battery icon to those with a new model, indicating a phone unaffected by the recall.


Samsung stopped selling the Galaxy Note 7 on Sept. 2, but didn’t formally recall it in the U.S. until last week. As of then, fewer than 15 percent of the more than one million phones sold had been exchanged or returned.

As for getting those replacement Note 7 devices, Samsung said that it plans to have 500,000 new devices in retailer and carrier stores by Wednesday.

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