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Google’s Amazon Echo rival should be further revealed on Oct. 4

New VR hardware and Android phones are also possible.

Google Hosts Its Annual I/O Developers Conference Justin Sullivan / Getty

Google is expected to offer more details on Google Home, its answer to Amazon’s Echo, at an Oct. 4 event in San Francisco. Today, Google invited media to the long-expected event, with an invitation email referencing “Ok Google,” its voice-activated assistant’s command.

Google may also use next month’s event to unveil a number of other anticipated hardware products, including its Daydream VR headset and the first Google-designed phones running Nougat, the latest flavor of Android. An updated Chromecast device supporting 4K video has also been rumored.

Daydream and Google Home were both previewed at the company’s I/O developer conference in June, with more details promised this fall.

Google also traditionally introduces new Nexus phones with each new release of Android. With Nougat, though, LG was the first out of the gate with its V20 phone.

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