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James Corden is the second-most interesting thing about the new Apple Music ad

Meet Bozoma Saint John.


Apple’s new iOS 10 contains an overhaul for Apple Music, its $10-a-month subscription service.

But Apple hadn’t said much about Apple Music until last night. Then it started a new marketing blitz, beginning with an ad it launched at the Emmys:

First thought: Smart of Apple to use James Corden, who is on a roll. Corden also cameoed at Apple’s iPhone 7 launch this month. Everyone should use James Corden to sell everything.

Second: Why did Apple put their own executives in the ad? Beats’ Jimmy Iovine is a big deal in the music world, but you wouldn’t recognize him on the street. Eddy Cue does get on TV occasionally — but only for a few seconds, when he’s jumping up from his courtside seats at Golden State Warriors games.

Third: Who’s that sitting next to Iovine and Cue?

The back of James Corden's head; he's facing three Apple executives at a table, Jimmy Iovine and Eddy Cue (both white men) and Bozoma Saint John (a black woman). Behind them is a picture window showing the Los Angeles skyline. Apple

Good thing there’s Google. That’s Bozoma Saint John. She heads up marketing for Apple Music, and she started generating a public profile earlier this year, when she showed up onstage at Apple’s WWDC event.

And she’s very aware that her presence next to three powerful white men in a national TV ad is a big deal:

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