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The iPhone 7 handled a bit of water swimmingly, but fell down during a drop test

Headphone jack or no, it also bends like its predecessors.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus after a drop test. SquareTrade

As soon as a new iPhone comes out, the folks at gadget insurer SquareTrade rush to see how easily it will break.

Now, with the iPhone boasting some measure of water resistance, SquareTrade had to see if they could drown the poor thing.

The good news, for Apple and owners of its phones, is that they survived the dip fine, lasting the promised half hour in a meter of water.

On the other hand, the new iPhone broke when dropped at roughly the same rates and stresses as its predecessors, although the 7 Plus did better with SquareTrade’s Tumblebot than did the 6s Plus. No iPhones do well when dropped on the sidewalk, which is reason enough to ensconce the device in a case.

But what fun is talking about dropping and soaking the iPhone when you can see it for yourself?

Here’s a chart SquareTrade put together with the results.

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