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The goal of this new mobile game is to send Donald Trump into space

How do you get there? Walls, of course.

Oddboy, AppArcanum

Ever wanted to send Donald Trump into space? Here’s your chance!

A group of creative game developers from New Zealand launched a new game on iOS and Android this week in which the goal is to get the game’s “hero,” Donald Trump, off of planet Earth and into outer space where he can “make the galaxy great again!”

Oddboy, AppArcanum

Trump uses brick walls drawn by you, the player, to launch himself into the atmosphere where you have to avoid obstacles like “Mexicans, global warming scientists, and jetpack strapped politicians,” including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who will all send you falling straight back to earth.

“Weak,” Trump says when you fail.

Yes, the whole things is satirical — “Not to be taken seriously,” the game website reads. But it’s also frustratingly difficult and sort of addicting. (Remember “Flappy Bird”? It’s kind of like that, but much more creative.)

And if nothing else, the game’s description and launch trailer are worth a chuckle. Kudos to developer studios Oddboy and AppArcanum for bringing this game into our lives.

Here’s the game description:

The idea is simple: The year is 2017. Following Donald Jrump's successful bid at the 2016 US election, international borders have closed up, global warming research has halted and brick sales have increased at a staggering rate. With the world now in utter chaos and his tiny hands growing increasingly sweaty, it's time for Donald to leave to make the Galaxy great again. How? By jumping on his favorite things in the world... Walls!

And the trailer.

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