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How to stream the NFL’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ game for free on Twitter

It’s the first of 10 games Twitter will stream this year.

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Tom Szczerbowski / Getty

The NFL’s Buffalo Bills and New York Jets play tonight at 8:25 pm ET on CBS. And for the first time ever, you can watch that game live on Twitter.

Twitter inked a deal with the NFL back in April to stream 10 of the league's “Thursday Night Football” games. That partnership means people will be able to watch the Bills and Jets for free on Twitter in most countries throughout the world.

The video you’ll find on Twitter is the same CBS broadcast you’ll find on TV, just on Twitter-owned properties.

The major difference is that Twitter's stream will run alongside a bunch of curated tweets about the game, which means you'll get even more #content on the screen than you do from a typical broadcast. Twitter likes to bill itself as the second screen to television. Now the two are colliding.

Sound interesting? Here's how you can watch the game tonight.

On Twitter:

You can stream the game from Twitter's mobile app, on or from one of the new set-top box apps it launched Wednesday for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Xbox One.

You don't need a Twitter account to watch the game, and it will be available in every country in the world except for Canada. This kind of global reach was one of Twitter’s selling points when it struck the deal in the first place.

In the past, Twitter's livestreams have been tough to find. Don't expect that to be the case Thursday.

You can find the stream inside its Moments tab, and the company says it'll be using lots of in-stream promotions, like the big blue banner that appears at the top of the feed for other big events like the Oscars or the Super Bowl. If you do have trouble finding it, you can click here.

Update: Twitter announced a partnership with Time Inc. on Thursday in which the Twitter stream and accompanying tweets will also live on and for free. You won’t be able to tweet from there, but you’ll be able to stream.

Off Twitter:

Twitter streaming Thursday’s NFL game is a big deal to Twitter, but it’s not the only place you can watch.

If you’re one of the few pay-TV subscribers who has Cablevision, you can sign in and stream the game on and CBS's tablet app. If you’re a pay-TV subscriber with literally anyone else — Dish, Comcast, DirecTV — you won’t be able to stream the game from CBS. “We plan to add more providers throughout the season,” a CBS spokesperson tells Recode. (This is new, by the way. Last year CBS streamed a handful of NFL games online without the need to authenticate.)

If you’re a Verizon customer, you can also watch Thursday’s game on a mobile phone using the NFL Mobile app. (Fun fact: Live NFL games streamed on the app don’t count against your data plan.) Or you can always watch on boring old TV like most NFL fans will.

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