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Amazon accidentally announced a cheaper Echo Dot. Then it deleted the tweet.

Alexa: Um, oops?

An Amazon Echo dot device
Amazon’s Echo Dot, which turns regular Bluetooth speakers “smart.”

Amazon’s Echo Dot, an innovative device that gives traditional Bluetooth speakers the power to respond to voice commands, has been sold out since July. Now it looks like a new, much-cheaper version may be on the way.

On Monday, the Amazon Echo Twitter account seemed to announce it: "Introducing the all-new Echo Dot. Add Alexa to any room — now for just $49.99." The original Dot, unveiled in March, cost $89.99.

But the link included at the end of the tweet simply pointed toward a "sold out" page on Amazon, with no mention of the new version. A little while later, the tweet was gone. But this Twitter user caught it:

My guess? A Dot is coming at that price point, but someone accidentally jumped the gun.

Amazon spokespeople didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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