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Instagram is launching a new way for users to ignore internet trolls

An imperfect system, but better.

England v USA: Group C - 2010 FIFA World Cup Stuart Franklin / Getty

Instagram is rolling out a new feature that lets users block comments that contain specific keywords they’d rather not read. Users can list the words they want to filter, and any comments that contain those words won’t appear under their posts.


That seems like a fine solution, although it would be nice if Instagram could automate some of this on its own instead of asking users to type out a bunch of naughty words. The company says it will provide a “default list of words” to choose from if needed, but you could probably make a compelling argument that some words could be banned from comments altogether — if you’ve ever spent time on an internet messaging board, you can probably guess the types of words I’m referring to.

But that would likely pose a free-speech issue for Facebook and Instagram to deal with, which I imagine to be the reason it’s passing the controls to users instead. Instagram started testing this option back in late July but is rolling it out to all users on the service starting Monday.

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